This blog was born on the eve of one of my first, great adventures. I had met Remi in 2012 studying abroad in France and I had perhaps just started to realize the impact this exuberant and opinionated Frenchmen would have on my life when I decided to buy a ticket and take a semester off of school to travel around India with him.  I had always dreamed about this sort of unstructured travel, but I had finally found the partner who gave me the final push to live out this dream. Our road led us far and wide on that trip alone we traipsed across India from North and South and then onto Nepal where we trekked through the impressive and unforgettable Himalayas, to deep-sea diving in colorful Thailand and Malaysia. He went on to Australia where he worked on a number of farms and other odd jobs while I went back to my studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts to graduate from Harvard University with my degree in romance languages and literature. During this first trip the blog was both an outlet for me to document vividly new experiences as well as a chord of connectivity, a way of reaching out and back to my family and friends.

What I didn't realize as I embarked on that journey to India and beyond was that it was only the first chapter in what has evolved to be a sustained commitment to both traveling and writing about my experiences on the road. Finishing my studies has given me a new freedom to explore this big beautiful world as well as my own self; it's a journey that takes many forms.  It's both the growth and the sense of adventure that inspires my writing here.  The road leads on and as long as it does I'm here to record it and ponder its many mysteries.

On top of it all: the Annapurna trek through the highest mountain pass in the world. Summer 2013.