Live Your Dream

They come in all shapes and sizes, for everyone dreams in their own way. It’s these little visions that crop up, at times unexpected, shedding the light of some promising potential.  It’s a half-drawn sketch, inviting us to pick up the pencil or take the first step. Now is the time to follow that light, to dare ourselves to explore it, giving it a chance as crazy as it may seem. Follow your dreams in all their fullness; don’t dilute them or cheapen them. For while dreams may look different when they are held up to the harsh light of the outside world, they may also illuminate those that they touch. There is a vulnerability about dreaming, but this vulnerability contains so much humanity and beauty. So trust and try.


When we act on our dreams, there is a part of us that expands and becomes confident and nourished. This part of our soul may evolve over time and our direction may change, as we grow from guiding experiences. Of course, following a dream can be scary business, as dreams rarely conform to a predetermined path or set of steps; it is not a straight or purely logical line to get to ‘there’. Rather, the path is winding or it could even be circular at times.  The point is we don’t know until we set out.  Then the path will be peculiar and unique to you, because where you go depends on who you are and where you have been. But the reward can be astonishing. You will do things you did not think yourself capable of, learn more about yourself and about the world around you.  You may even find hope and inspiration. You may even give these things to those around you. 

You won’t know until you try.