Rome Alone

Rome is a bustling, chaotic city so full of history, a beautiful backdrop that comes to life with contemporary energy and activity: street style, food (of course) and nightlife.  I was prepared for the pasta but not the challenge of crossing the street; the first few times I followed locals as they wove their way into through the crazy, kamikaze drivers. The Tevere River runs through the city, its murky water swirling shades of green and grey beneath elegant bridges.


Rome is a city of contrasts, between its monuments that dominate the cityscape and its little quirks that go unnoticed by the masses, those little details that make up its true charm.  I was lucky to find a quiet Airbnb tucked away in the semi-secret Piazza Margana, just a few steps from Venizzia square. The B&B building's foundation dates to the Romans and it is surrounded by an old monastery, so it is calm and quiet even in the heart of the city.  


Traveling alone to Rome, I had the time to wander its streets and spend some much needed time with myself in this busy metropolis.  Traveling alone is an experience unlike any other. Your senses are keen to the world around you, as you become more receptive and open to new people and places. There are wonderful moments of solitude; yet there is also limitless possibility for new friends and surprises along the way.  

Piazza Margana