Litchis and Surrealism in the Sierra Gorda

Litchi’s are in season here. Their peels litter the road and their residue on my hands is sticky and so satisfying.  They are sweet and delicate and they saved me on the way up from the castle today.  No cash left for food but there was a little litchi lying innocently on the ground, waiting for me. The last pesos had been spent to go to Sir Edward Jame’s surrealist gardens.  There’s a little path that leads you back into the jungles and up to a series of waterfalls that are nourishing, at least in an indirect way.  The sculptures arise out of the trees and make shapes against the clouds above and I can’t help but wondering: how did Sir Edward James decide to come here? and, why did he end up choosing this little spot on a tiny mountain road, lost so far in the Sierra Gordas? 


Entry to the Gardens: 50 pesos

Found litchi’s: free

Nearest town: Xilitla, twenty minutes walking