Home on the Road

After so much galavanting around the globe (a beautiful endeavor in and of itself!), I've also been thinking about home, what it means to me and how to find and/or create a home on the road, wherever I go.

To me, home is a place unlike any other, where you are comfortable and secure, with friends, and family, the people that you love most. It's not just the place where you were born, but the places you choose to invest a bit of yourself: the places you make your own. And as time goes on, we evolve and change and so it seems to follow naturally that our idea of home would be shifting and changing as well. It is not just a physical place, I've come to think, but more a feeling.

Awhile back I wrote about how Mexico City was a place for me to slow down, and now, months later I am back here again, this time putting down little baby roots.

I wanted to put down my bags (at least for a little bit), stop bopping around and feel at home, to create a space for myself. I searched and searched: for months it felt like I would never find what I was looking for! And finally I've found the place, the physical space with big windows, lots of light and two lovely roommates to share this Mexico City chapter with. This place is mine, not because I possess it but because I've left something of myself here.

And I'm happy to report that this is exactly what I've found here. Because home has more to do with the love we surround ourselves with and the little habits we accumulate that add up to a lived existence. 

For what is home if not simply the place or the places that we feel love, belonging and community?