Mercado 100

After a quick jaunt to China (!) last week, I am back to my beloved Mexico City. I’ve gotten right back into the rhythm of this city that I love, jumping back into my ever-evolving routine, between teaching English classes, writing my freelance articles and interning at a very cool publishing house here, Buró-Buró. I’ll write a proper article about them soon.

One of the places I was especially looking forward to getting back to is my favorite market in the city (at least for now, there are so many markets here, I’m always coming across new ones!), Mercado el Cien. It’s a little market, as far as markets go; I always tell myself that the name of the market perhaps comes from the fact that it has about a hundred vendors. Just one row to walk down, with tables that are overflowing with fruits and veggies on either side of the aisle.

Maybe it’s just the good weather we’ve been having in Mexico recently, but at the market, when it's soaked in sunshine, the heirloom tomatoes glisten like little jewels. Careful because they are as addictive as candy.

Every week the produce changes, but the vendors stay more or less the same. I always look forward to chatting with the bread guy, who is the only person in the city that I’ve found who will make you a mean loaf of sourdough bread.

Things are in season, fresh, local. The vendors themselves are almost as colorful as their veggies, young and old. People from all over the place live in the city, and the accents you’ll hear are, like in much of the city, diverse.

It’s the best way to start off a Sunday morning and I always load up with vegetables for the week. If you’re in town, come for a visit; this place doesn’t disappoint. It's tucked behind the Centro Medico park in Roma Sur, so very accessible by the metro. 

Sundays 9-2

Closed for 3 weeks during Christmas time