This blog began just before New Year's 2013 when I left the US to meet up with Remi in London. I had finished my semester at Harvard a few weeks before, with a leave of absence for the spring semester. We spent a week in London, where we stayed with friends of Remi and celebrated the New Year. From there, we flew to France for a two week stay, before the big depart for India. Remi took care of his preparations for the trip during these two weeks and I met more friends and family than I could keep track off (read French immersion, intensive version while making first impressions to the nth degree, oh my!). Next destination is Chennai, where the real trip begins! We start our travels in southern India, where we will take advantage of the hot summer months. From there, we will work our way North, hopefully arriving in the mountains before monsoon season. Then on to Nepal and possibly Tibet, depending on visas and expenses. We will fly to Thailand, where we can get visas for Vietnam and Myanmar. As for the rest, we will discover it as we go, changing the program as we please. indiamap

This trip is a total change of pace, for me as I leave behind the books and papers of academia to pursue a different type of education. All that I learn along the way is part of the trip, the voyage, the adventure.